How does Godot's particle shader work?

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Hi there! I am a student who has used OpenGL before, and am currently trying to get a better understanding of how the particle shaders work in Godot, since (to my knowledge) there isn’t an equivalent in OpenGL.

For reference, I was using a vertex shader to compute the position of the points for my particles, then using a geometry shader to expand those points to quads, and finally a fragment shader for the final color.

If anyone knows of resources where I can dive a bit deeper, or has a good explanation, I would love to have as much information as I can.

To clarify, I am not really looking for examples of particle shaders; I would like to know the rendering pipeline looks when I am using them.

Thank you for your time! :grin:

I’d suggest studying the source code for the particle shaders, it’s right there and accessible