How does the Scene Remote view work?

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Godot 4


I was wondering how the Godot Remote view works which shows the current node hierarchy of the currently running game. Is there some (GDScript) API which allows me to also access the editor instance that ran the game?

It uses the EngineDebugger here godot/scene/debugger/scene_debugger.cpp at c1f8d24f185f07ef924f1a911ff4cc66359176f1 · godotengine/godot · GitHub but you can’t register to it (or un-register the internal connection and register your own). You can try opening a proposal here and see if more users want it.

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Thanks, that’s what I was searching for. I’ll have to experiment a bit, maybe register_message_capture() and send_message() already are enough for my use case.

If you want to write your own API to communicate with the editor from your game and vice-versa you can use a EditorDebuggerPlugin for the editor side.

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Is there more documentation about this somewhere? I can’t find out how to actually communicate with this EditorDebuggerPlugin from the game’s side.

Here’s an example Godot 4.x example of how to launch multiple instances and tile them by using an editor debugger plugin to communicate with each instance · GitHub