How make underwater 3D rope/cable in Godot 4+

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Godot 4.2


hi all! I have a problem. Now I am working on creating a project where there will be a submarine and a cable will be drawn to it from the surface (information is transmitted through this cable). My problem is that I can’t implement this cable! With the help of joints I can make a short cable, but when I increase the size of the cable it just breaks. Also tried to do this through chain objects that just connect to each other, but when the length is long they also break!
The main requirement for a cable is that it be physical, able to interact with other objects, get tangled, and so on. And also when the robot pulled the cable, the robot pulled back (as it should be in general)

I hope for your help!

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A few tips.

The object placement matters when the joint is connected. Try disabling jointed body collisions.

Two Godot 4 joints are not great, one solution, to a problem I faced, was increasing rotational inertia first to see if it can stabilize the body, increase mass second. Another solution is to get the Jolt physics engine plugin for Godot which has better joint physics.

I have a grapple hook with similar requirements, and I have a fairly robust segmented rope system. There are still some visual aspects but the rope is mostly stable. Unless the player is going to fast the rope will give up on a segment that will reconnect if I get close enough.