How ro make a game

8.342 how to make a game in this version im a scratch/godot user i used scratch for four months and 2 weeks

This is a very vague and broad question, I think you’ll get more useful answers if you’re more specific in what you’re asking for


complete begginer introduction on features and how to use them and make your first game on godot edit i already had 4 months experience on scratch

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Try to complete a course in udemy

I recommend you to watch brackey’s gdscript tutorial. it helped me a lot with scripting in godot.

Oh hey there! a fellow Scratch & Godot user. It’s nice to meet someone who uses the same tools as me for once (Even though I’ve been using Scratch for a year).

But yeah, Go to YouTube and search for some beginner tutorials to learn the engine. When your done, Follow this video, It will help you get a general sense of how making a game works around here. Happy Developing :smiley: