How to access a CPUparticle2D particles?

Godot Version



I have a particle system and all I want to know is how to access the velocity and the position of the particle but I don’t know how to do it?
I want to make a collision system for the particles.
Is there a way to do it?
All help is apreciated.

I know you asked this a long time ago, but was just trying to do something similar myself. I heard Godot 3 had a collision_mode on particles, although I never used Godot 3.

I am just off for the evening now but did find this in the docs for GPUparticles 3D.

If anyone has any tips I would be grateful, but am looking into this again tomorrow to see if I can find an answer. I am not keen on looping through all the particles to compare their position, although that was one suggestion I read.

PS I am a beginner so this may be the completely wrong route to be going anyway.

Yes, I saw and used the collision_mode, but I found it very buggy. Still trying to understand how godot shaders work :frowning: