How to access an Autoload from a resource in C#?

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Alrighty, so I have a resource class which needs to access a autoload. However the only way I’ve seen so far is doing

var global = GetNode<Global>("/root/Global");

however resources aren’t a part of the tree, and as such they can’t do it this way, but in GDscript resources are able to use autoloads. So is there a way to do this?
I tried a solution where we just create a variable then the node which’ll use the resource will give it a refrence to the autoload to that variable. but it didn’t work since it was of type Node which dosen’t have all the things I try use from the Autoload.

Help will be highly appriciated!

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If the Enabled checkbox is checked (it is checked by default) then you do not need to use get node and can just reference the singleton directly by the name you have given it in the Name column in project settings:

In your example, if the singleton is called Global (very on the nose):


For example, in my scene given screenshot above:

func _ready():
    # or 
    var weapon_upgrades = UpgradesDB.upgrades.filter(filter_upgrades_for_weapon)

This is specified in the docs here if you wanted more info: Singletons (Autoload) — Godot Engine (latest) documentation in English

That’s how I expected it to work with C# but it throws an error when I try access it like that, the docs recomend using get node to retrive the autoload from the tree, but since my class is a resource it can’t do that.

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I had encountered this issue for a while, but I found a solution. It feels a bit hacky but it seems to work.

Because Godot’s internal singletons are accessible from anywhere, you can get the scene tree using
var tree = (SceneTree)Engine.GetMainLoop();

As a result, you can access any custom autoload through the root by using
var global = tree.Root.GetNode(“/root/Global”);

You can even add a Singleton static variable to your autoload class in order to access it like any internal singleton through the class name.

For instance:

public partial class Global : Node
    public static Global Singleton => ((SceneTree)Engine.GetMainLoop()).Root.GetNode("/root/Global");

    public void DoAThing()
        //Do something

    public static void DoSomething()

public partial class OtherClass : Resource
    public void DoAnotherThing()
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