How to add a custom group to the inspector using the plugin

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Hi, I’m trying to create an Inspector plugin that adds a few features to the inspector, I’m using EditorPlugin, EditorInspectorPlugin, and EditorProperty.

but this is so ugly, how can I add a custom group to the inspector?

unfortunately , it only seems to work if you use a script on the current node you re on.
The new inspector options will show on that node. I tried using it in ‘EditorInspectorPlugin’ and ‘EditorPlugin’ but nothing showed.

Maybe something can be done by getting the node class ’ Node2D_X12345 ’ and adding this default menus via ’ EditorInspectorPlugin’… i just dont see how…


extends Node2D
class_name Node2D_X12345;

func _get_property_list() -> Array:
	var props = []

			'name': 'MY COSTUM MENU',
			'type': TYPE_NIL,
			'name': 'MY COSTUM MENU Options/Option Select',
			'type': TYPE_INT,
			"hint_string": "option 0,option 1,option 2,option 3"
	return props