How to apply limits to SkeletonIK3D rotation in godot 4.0?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By VTVL

I’m trying to move an 3D arm with Godot, but I am having trouble applying limits to the rotations.

The non-global get functions (e.g., get_bone_pose(), get_bone_pose_rotation()) do not track SkeletonIK3D’s movements, and the global transform settings is causing wacky transforms to arm, and leaving children from transforming with the bones.

While SkeletonIK3D is deprecated, it seems as if it is the best we have in 4.0 until the new stuff is re-added in 4.x.

Am I missing something that can tame SkeletonIK3D, and/or is there alternate methods for Inverse Kinematics for 3D?