How to change specular value from MTL import

Godot Version

4.2.2 Stable


I don’t know how to change the Specular value through the .mtl file.
I tried changing Ns in the mtl but it didn’t help, it only changes material Metallic

Here is an image of the material I need and which a made myself (Specular 0 and Metallic 0, it’s a little bit darker) and .mtl imported material (Specular 0.5, Ns 1000).

Maybe some values as Ni or illum in .mtl should help me but they don’t work either. My mtl:

newmtl Crate
Material Color
Ka 1 1 1
Kd 1 1 1
Ks 1 1 1

d 1

Ns 1000 

map_Ka diffuse.png
map_Kd diffuse.png
map_d diffuse.png

And there are Ns values of 1000, 500 and 0. Specular does not change