How to connect a signal to an instanced scene (godot 4)

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I have a problem with connecting signal from an instanced scene. I am making a visual novel game and I tried implementing choices, but I can’t get the choice button to signal when the button was pressed. please help. It was so much easier in godot 3 :<

Main script

var CB = ChoiceButton.instantiate()
CB.connect("choice_made", _on_choice_made.bind(CB))
print(is_connected("choice_made", Callable(self, "_on_choice_made")))

and I do have a function _on_choice_made(CB) that it should signal to.
the script on the choice button scene is

signal choice_made(Choice)

func _on_choice_button_pressed():
	emit_signal("choice_made", ButtonLabel.text)

Everything else works. No errors show up. I tried to connect it many ways and looked through the docs but the connect function just never works. Godot 3 was so much simpler

Why are you binding here?
That is not necessary and probably what is causing the issue.
CB.connect("choice_made", _on_choice_made)