How to control statemachine using one boolean variable?

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my character has ground state and air state.

i want air animation play when “is_air” condition is true and playing ground animation when “is_air” condition is false.

i found some tutorial video for godot’s animation statemachine, but there are use two bool variable like “is_air” and “is_ground”.

so, is there any approach can change state using one variables?

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It’s possible by setting the AnimationTree.advance_expression_base_node property to point to the Node that has the script attached and then use the AnimationNodeStateMachineTransition.advance_expression to write your expression to advance.

For example, in your ground to air transition you’ll put is_air == true or just is_air and in your air to ground transition you’d do is_air == false or not is_air

You can also use functions if you want, they have to return true or false

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