How to delete a single instance of a scene rather than all instances

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I’m making the beginnings of a 2D Tower Defense game. The project is currently just a block cursor that follows the mouse and places a single tower wherever the player clicks, all snapped to a grid. I’m trying to figure out how to also be able to delete an individual tower when it’s right-clicked.


“weapon_01”: the placeable tower. It’s a Node2D containing an Area2D with collision, and a ColorRect and Sprite2D. Its script is currently empty.

“cursor”: basically the player scene. An Area2D with collision and a ColorRect, that follows the mouse pointer and snaps to a 64x64 grid. When a left-click is detected, it currently emits an “add_weapon_01(position)” signal. When a right-click is detected, it emits a “remove_weapon_01(position)” signal.

“world_01”: a Node2D that currently just contains the “cursor” scene. Its script preloads the “weapon_01” scene, and listens for the “add_weapon_01” and “remove_weapon_01” signals. To add a weapon to the world, which thankfully works, I’m doing this inside world_01’s signal receiver function:

	var weapon_01_instance = weapon_01.instantiate()
	weapon_01_instance.position = position

My current attempt to delete a weapon, also from inside the “world_01” scene (and it fails) is this:


…which returns an error: “Invalid call. Nonexistent function ‘queue_free’ in base ‘PackedScene’.” I didn’t really expect this to work as intended anyway, because it doesn’t specify which instance to delete.

In my original attempt to delete a weapon, I ran the following in the “weapon_01” script (not in the “world_01” script as the current attempt does):

	if Input.is_action_just_pressed("right-click") and get_node("weapon01Area2D").mouse_entered:
		print("right-clicked inside weapon01's Area2D")

…and that would indeed delete the weapon, but it deleted all instances of it, instead of just the one whose Area2D was occupied by the mouse cursor.

I’m not a very experienced programmer; Godot is my first attempt at programming since making games in BASIC on the C64 :slight_smile: I lack a lot of knowledge of the way things are structured in Godot, so I’m assuming I have things set up in a way that won’t allow me to do what I want here. Any idea what I need to do to allow me to delete just the right-clicked instance of my scene?

Thanks in advance for any light you can shed!


You should do weapon_01_instance.queue_free()

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Thanks for the quick reply. I just tried it, and since it’s in a different function than the one that created the variable “weapon_01_instance”, I get an error saying that it’s not declared in the current scope. I tried changing the way I set the variable by doing:

**export** var weapon_01_instance = weapon_01.instantiate()

to see if that would make it available to the “remove weapon” function, but it looks like “export var” doesn’t do what it did in a previous version of Godot I’d played with.

I guess you are trying to use queue_free in a place where the weapon_01_instance was not declared. You must pay attention where the object was created. If you create the variable in a method, you cannot invoke that object outside that method, for example.

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Send a signal to the script that creates the instance.

Have that script free it.