How to diagonal or ambiguous facing sprite animations?

Godot Version



Im very much an over ambitious beginner, and the 2d top down rpg game I’ve started has had a diagonal or ambiguous facing sprite since I started the project, essentially facing left/right, either towards/away the camera. I can not figure out what type of nodes to put in my animation tree and how the animations should be placed within those nodes. ive tried all kinds of crazy things in/with Blendspace2d nodes and none of them really seemed to work right. It could have been a coding issue but I dont really think it was. What is the most straightforward way to achieve this? A video example of someone doing this style I saw on youtube was this but i dont know what engine they use or how they set it up.

im very much stumped on this and i feel like if I can understand this I can start to move on to more interesting this. Thanks!