How to differentiate touchscreen button press and a normal touch screen press.

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By GloopCompost

Basically I have three separate touch screen buttons. Two are directions and one is jump. I want to be able to have a tap action that does something that has nothing to do with those three options. Ive tried having event.pressed and a boolean but half the time nothing is called. I have been using unhandled input that doesn’t work.

Not sure I follow what you’re trying to achieve here; a tap on an existing button versus hold? I think there’s a button event for that. Or is this a tap unrelated to the buttons? I think I’d just have another control that consumes all unhandled input, if that makes sense. The buttons handle their own actions and anything else is consumed by a parent control that responds to everything else.

spaceyjase | 2023-04-15 10:02

I have this if(InputEventScreenTouch and event.is_pressed()): in undhandled_input. But whenever I click a TouchScreenButton, it still gets called. Which unhandled_input shouldn’t allow. I’m just lost on it.

GloopCompost | 2023-04-15 16:41

This may also depends on your scene tree and mouse filter. This example world for me:

    UI Scene
        UI Button

Button clicks stop at the button while unhandled events make it to the game scene. There’s an explanation in the docs here that may help: Using InputEvent — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English. Perhaps try on a small test scene to simplify and reproduce.

spaceyjase | 2023-04-15 19:12