How to flip the Bottom Segment of Character?

Godot Version



Hey all, long time no see. Been in development of a new project and working with a segmented upper and lower body design for my character. I was wondering how I could properly implement flipping/offsetting the lower body when the player moves to the left?

Screenshot for what I am trying to accomplish

I have the fliph and offset tracks already inside for the BottomHalf. Would I need to keyframe this or simply call it in the code?

Fairly new to how AnimationPlayer works, previous project I simply used AnimatedSprite2D.

If you make a small function for your changes, you can use it inside the AnimationPlayer node. Not only can you animate any property of a node, you can also call functions during the animation.

Click Add Track
Add a Call Method track
Position marker on the timeline
Right click Insert Key
Select node with code you want to run
Select function to call at that point in the animation.

Now when you play the animation, that function will automatically be called for you.

Perhaps I don’t understand, I checked through the options in the functions list and I couldn’t find a fliph function. Would I use the list available in the AnimtedSprite2D section or the Node2D section?

Also once I do have a func selected would I leave it at the beginning of the Animation track or at the end? Still a little lost on how this would work.