How to form a game team?

I’m interested in making games if possible and well, I probably couldn’t make a game alone, is there somewhere I can form a team or even friendships?

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I’d like to know the answer to that question myself. And, many others, I suppose, too.

So far, I’ve been talking about my project on the forums and trying to get people interested. Talk about what you have in mind, make simple prototypes and maybe you will find supporters.

Or you can look for ads on forums and try to join some team.


Hey there,

I think there is no cookbook for your answer.

In my opinion: Show your mates, that you are not a “quitter”, be reliable, be professional, evolve with your games (especially when you are a beginner).

Never lose your passion. Keep on making games!

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Thanks for the tip!!! I’ve been thinking about making a first-person game focused on movement, climbing, and combat. Similar to dishonored but raised to the limit, any ideas of game mechanics that you think it’s good in Thais type of game?

Start with the basics. There are many first-person shooter tutorials, thats where you should start. After that, i would implement or create the mechanic for climbing and making plans how the combat should look like. (I think the combat is going to be one of the hardest parts).

If you want to create a small simpler dishonored (waaay smaller), then it should be okay for the beginning.

If you are looking for a team from scratch, then there should always be something ready to show. Art or a ready-made entry-level, or a ready-made business model. If the whole project is still only in your head, try using online crowdfunding services to attract initial capital or a team.
Good luck!

Start simple, as has been advised here before. Study the basic demo. Then demo FPS. Then look at the projects from other developers on the forums… Do something easy.

You do realize that it can take years and a lot of practice to reach the limit in perfection, in any field of human endeavor?

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