How to get c# solution?

C# solution doesn’t appear in Project; tools. How to get it accessible?

Maybe you downloaded the wrong version? Make sure you grabbed the .Net version of Godot.

Thanks for replaying. I’ll check it.

I downloaded the .Net, open the godot mono-console, and it sends a strange error: WARNING: Blend file import is enabled in the project settings, but no Blender path is configured in the editor settings.
at: _editor_init (modules/gltf/register_types.cpp:63)
ERROR: .NET Sdk not found. The required version is ‘6.0.6’.
at: void GodotTools.GodotSharpEditor._EnablePlugin() (/root/godot/modules/mono/editor/GodotTools/GodotTools/GodotSha)

The C# solution button is there now, but it says that failed to create C# project. Is it because it doesn’t read some files? Do I have to save my projects inside the an specific folder?

Is it that because I downloaded the Godot that is not .Net first and then activated the one that is .Net that it turned like this?

did u install .NET SDK? the blender path is i assume for blender software. you can ignore it.

Thanks for replaying. Where can I get this? And how to install it?

I checked the website and it only haves this:
Sdk Name=“Godot.NET.Sdk” Version=“4.2.1” />

Edit: It says “For projects that support Sdk, copy this XML node into the project file to reference the package”. Sorry but, I don’t know what it means. How to copy the node in the project file?

usually youtube videos will be more helpful for stuff like this.
open command line and run dotnet --version if nothing shows up, then install: .Net SDK link: .NET Downloads (Linux, macOS, and Windows).

or better run dotnet --info

.NET SDKs installed:
5.0.413 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk]
6.0.401 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk]
7.0.306 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk]

i have three versions installed

Alright. It says no SDKs found. I’ll install latest [I guess].

What should I download? Installer? Binary? Armx64; x64; x86…?

are you on windows? install the x64 installer. thats usually always what you need.

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It’s resolved. Everything works fine. Thanks a lot!

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