How to implement NetworkedMultiplayerPeer class using C#?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Steely Wing

I want to use C# steam to implement class NetworkedMultiplayerPeer (because I want to use the RPC ways with C# steam).
But NetworkedMultiplayerPeer cannot be inherited in C# (C# cannot access it’s constructor), I try several ways but no success. I don’t know much in C++.

  • I tried to extend MultiplayerPeerGDNative, but it’s method cannot override in C#
  • I want to create a GDNative module to expose MultiplayerPeerGDNative, but I don’t know how to let C# can extend it, I Google MultiplayerPeerGDNative cannot found example.
  • I have read issue-3460 about GDScript