How to introduce a delay after a particle

Godot Version



Imagine a bit the following situation: A car has its blinkers on. The flashing itself lasts a very short period of time, then there’s a larger pause before the next flash appears.

I need to make a particle system that has the same behavior. I want to burst a group of particles at the same time (Explosiveness to 1), the particles themselves do not last very long (about half a second), but I want to introduce a delay until the next burst that could be 2 seconds or more.

In unity this can be done by the particle system because the life of a particle and the life of the system are two different variables, but in Godot they seem interconnected. As soon as the particle ends, it immediately wants to spawn another without delay.

I’m guessing there is no way to do this other than by stopping and restarting through a script?

True. I would make the particles one-shot and setup a animation player to sequence the particle. Either by calling a script method or property tracks of the particle node.

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I was afraid of that. Thank you. I’ll try to implement some workaround.