How to make CPUParticles collide with environment

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I’m making a Snow and Rain in my small project, I’m using the CPUParticles2D node, how can I make them collide with environment instead of just falling off the screen directly?

See below video for reference, the snow is falling off the screen but I want it to collide instead.

You can set up LightOccluder2D to collide with GPUParticles2D. It probably doesn’t work with CPUParticles2D.

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:astonished: What a coincidence, I just saw you YouTube video about a tutorial. Will try your suggestion and see if it works. Thanks

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I just tried to use the GPUParticles node, but it doesn’t have much customization options like CPUParticles. Is it like that or I just don’t where it’s customization options are?

See reference:

  1. CPUParticles

  1. GPUParticles

I already got the hang of it by playing around with the node, thanks for your suggestion.