How to make object rotate following another object in 3D

Godot Version



Hi. Thanks in advance for the help.
As seen in the photos below, the white box (ArrowTipPositionNode) rotates around the surface of the sphere. How would I make it so that the yellow arrow (ArrowRotation) always points towards the white box? The ArrowRotation node is centred at the origin so rotating it rotates the yellow arrow around the surface of the sphere. What would be the best way in making sure the ArrowRotation node (yellow arrow) is always rotated towards the ArrowTipPositionNode (white box)? I have tried using look_at() and converting the position of the ArrowTipPositionNode to spherical coordiantes and rotating the ArrowRotation node but they both do not seem to work. The nodes are both siblings of eachother.


*ArrowRotation = Yellow Arrow
ArrowTipPositionNode = White box

Thank you for your help!