how to make recipe and comparaison in inventory for Crafting !

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By purple_mage

Hello , do you know how to do a good crafting grid or comparaison … i mean the receipe list to do the crafting. i saw video they do jason file . Im not sure its the better way . my item looks like this

 extends Resource

class_name ItemData

@export var name: String = ""
@export_multiline var description: String = ""
@export var stackable: bool = false
@export var texture: Texture #Texture

i can compare name and what ever . but i just dont know the better way to make receipe. I have inventory setted up . i can compare what is inside the box and do simple crafting , i just need a better way to compare what is inside . Shoud i use .json file ? Maybe i should just find an Algoritm somewhere .

ok. Can i do a receipe resource .tres . Make another resource containing an array of receipe , lets call it CraftingListPotion . each type of crafting has his own array . And then i make a list and make the player chosing . Or i just show the result when you put item in the slot. The array is holded in a .tres file. And the receipe is a resource of type … CraftingData or something like that.

purple_mage | 2023-03-31 17:38