How to programatically save a scene in the editor in a godot-valid way?

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I’m capturing meta info in a modding SDK that I am building along side my game. After capturing meta it saves the scene. I’m not confident I am going about it correctly, though, since afterward the editor throws me “more recent” popups.

Here is the info-capture-save function I made. I would like to see how it can be more valid.

static func add_meta_then_save_in_editor():
	var camera_3D:Camera3D = instance.find_child("Camera3D")
	var anchor = instance.find_child("Anchor")

	# Capture necessary meta
	var icon_camera_position:Vector3 = camera_3D.position
	var icon_camera_rotation:Vector3 = camera_3D.rotation_degrees
	var camera_orthographic_size:float = camera_3D.size
	var target:Node = anchor.get_child(0)
	# now save the results
	var scene_path = target.scene_file_path
	var loaded_scene: Resource = ResourceLoader.load(scene_path, "", ResourceLoader.CacheMode.CACHE_MODE_IGNORE)
	var instantiated_scene = loaded_scene.instantiate()
	# apply meta to editor object
	target.set_meta("icon_camera_orthographic_size", camera_orthographic_size)
	target.set_meta("icon_camera_position", icon_camera_position)	
	target.set_meta("icon_camera_rotation", icon_camera_rotation)	
	# apply meta to source object
	instantiated_scene.set_meta("icon_camera_orthographic_size", camera_orthographic_size)
	instantiated_scene.set_meta("icon_camera_position", icon_camera_position)
	instantiated_scene.set_meta("icon_camera_rotation", icon_camera_rotation)	
	instantiated_scene.position = target.position	
	# save results
	var packed_scene =
	packed_scene.take_over_path(scene_path), scene_path)
	print("Saved to: ", scene_path)