How to properly exit godot without killing the app

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I’m applying godot games on Android. When I use the child process and the provided API :ProcessPhoenix.forceQuit(), Godot is killed quickly, but it is slow to startActivity.

public final void onGodotForceQuit(Godot instance) {
public static void forceQuit(Activity activity, int pid) {

So I put godot in the main process to load.When I read the source code carefully, I found that the interface needs to kill the main process, but I don’t want to exit the my application immediately after exiting game page . However, when I don’t kill the process and only use the android lifecycle, on second exit, the native will report this error. Any suggestions, guys?

ERROR: Condition "configured" is true.
     at: setup (core/string_name.cpp:52) - Condition "configured" is true.
  ERROR: IP singleton already exist.
     at: create (core/io/ip.cpp:336) - Condition "singleton" is true. Returned: nullptr
  ERROR: Singleton in InputMap already exist.
     at: InputMap (core/input_map.cpp:373) - Condition "singleton" is true.
  ERROR: Singleton for Time already exists.
     at: Time (core/os/time.cpp:453) - Condition "singleton" is true.
  ERROR: A MessageQueue singleton already exists.
     at: MessageQueue (core/message_queue.cpp:323) - Condition "singleton != nullptr" is true.