How to see changes of programming syntax?

Godot Version

Godot 4.2 Mono


Im following a tutorial where the tutor is using a method called SetTargetLocation, which is not a method I can find in the Godot API. instead I see a property called targetPosition, so I assume I just use that instead.

My issue is; when I encounter issues like this, where do I see the changes in Godot API? Where do I see how the syntax have changed throughout the updates?

This isn’t a change in the API, the tutorial is either not for 4.2, or the tutorial is invalid, this method never existed in 4.x

Actually it seems to have been in godot 4 alpha releases

That’s far outdated, please use recent tutorial, pre release versions change, 4.0 alpha 3 was a year before the release of 4.0

I have to be honest I did not see that the video was that old, I figured it out through looking at the documentations so everything was good. My interest was mostly in where can i see the changes from one version to another.

Generally you can look here


This was exactly what I looked for, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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