How to set the angle of launching projectile

Godot Version



<How do you instantiate projectile at 80 degree? Right now, with my code, the projectile will be instantiated downward. I tried to solve this by rotating instantiate position marker2d to 80 degree but I dont want that since it will screw the projectile animation.

var slimeBall01 = slimeball01Scene.instantiate()
	slimeBall01.global_position = $SlimeBallSpawningPoint.global_position
	slimeBall01.transform = $SlimeBallSpawningPoint.global_transform
	slimeBall01.scale *= 1.2
	if direction == -1:
		slimeBall01.velocity = slimeBall01.transform.x * Vector2(-250, -150)
		slimeBall01.velocity = slimeBall01.transform.x * Vector2(250, -150)

Maybe you want to rotate the Vector2(250, -150)?

const rotation_amount = deg_to_rad(80)
slimeBall01.velocity = slimeBall01.transform.x * Vector2(250, -150).rotated(rotation_amount)

thank you for reply. but still not working