How to setup a camera confinder for a zelda-like room transition

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By RuKeN

Hi there!

I’m looking to switch from Unity to Godot

In Unity, for top down games is possible to create a camera transition between zones (no scenes, zones in the same scene) using Cinemachine and script to limit the camera to a confinder

This allows creators to create an effect similar to the one seen in 2d Zelda games, where the trick is:
1 - Define a collider that envolves an area
2 - Define another collider to envolve the 2nd area
3 - Create a Cinemachine camote with the componen CameraConfinder
4 - As the current confinder, set the collider from the 1st area
5 - With a script, at the moment the player enters in the 2nd area collider, change the camera confinder to the collider entered

I was looking for a way to make this in Godot but did not find any information about it

Is possible to reproduce a similar effect?

Here is a video about this in Unity (check at 15:18):

Sorry if is a beginner question but I’m just switching and I’m having troubles to understand the Godot workflow managing this kind of tasks