How to transition easily to godot from another game engine

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Me and my friend both have experience currently using Roblox studio, I just want to know the things I should look up or what I should know before making a 2d game using godot as I don’t want to be stuck in tutorial hell and not know how to program or do things in godot

This is a very open ended question that really depends a lot on who you are and what your experience is. You mention currently working with Roblox and Godot is definitely a step onwards from that.

The Godot manuals are definitely a good starting point just to get a good overview, and to have in your back pocket when you want to look up something specific. It also has a really nice section on where to find other resources. The front page of the manual contains a good overview:

I can also highly recommend the GDQuest YouTube channel where you will find excellent starter tutorials and many short videos on various topics.

Also if you’re comfortable with it, I highly recommend joining one of the communities, our Discord is very popular (Godot Engine - Community). Learning Godot is all about just trying things out and doing stuff, being able to ask questions when you’re stuck will make learning the engine that much easier.

I’m not sure why you tagged XR as you mention your interest into 2D games but there is a good XR section in the help pages, and a very lively XR channel on the Discord server.

I’m not sure why XR was tagged, I wrote this on mobile so I might’ve accidently clicked it but thank you for telling me sources on places to get started