how to use EditorFileDialog in my own app

Godot Version

i found the EditorFileDialog has more features, so i wanna to use EditorFileDialog in my own UI. That is to say, I want it to run both in editor mode and in user apps。 What should I do?

now it can display in editor mode ,but when running it ,it will not show. so how to show it in non-editor mode

Wish we could. But docs say otherwise:

EditorFileDialog is an enhanced version of FileDialog available only to editor plugins. Additional features include list of favorited/recent files and the ability to see files as thumbnails grid instead of list.

i know this . i modify the FileDialog source code into EditorFileDialog ,but it cant run in non-editor mode as well. and when running the scenes with node (FileDialog ) ,it will crash.

So are you making a plugin?

before modify source code , the first thing to do is " extern EditorPlugin" in gdscript. but calling wiil report error “Native class '‘EditorFileDialog’ cannot be constructed as it is abstract”

Read how plugins work. Then you can use the EditorPlugin class.

thank for ur replay .i wanna use ‘EditorFileDialog’ in myself app not godot engine,EditorPlugin maybe not meet my needs