How would I teleport my area 2d around to a random space when I start the game?

Godot Version

<Godot 4.2.1>


So I need a Barrel or something to float around in the water in my game I’m making.
I figured the area 2d would be a good node to use so I decided to base the barrel off of it. The problem is that i want the barrel to randomly teleport to a random area within my playspace in the game. i dont know how to do that.
could someone Pleassse help me with this with a cherry on top!

If you want to choose a random position within a rectangular area with even distribution, it works like this:

barrel.position.x = randf_range(LIMIT_LEFT, LIMIT_RIGHT)
barrel.position.y = randf_range(LIMIT_TOP, LIMIT_BOTTOM)

and then you can use whatever values you want for the limits.

If the area, where the barrel can teleport to, has a different shape or if you want a different kind of distribution, the problem becomes trickier to solve.