Huge World with diferent Heightmaps

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By polybius

Hi, I am making a fangame but I have a big question how to proceed before doing lot of work that may be wasted

as the tittle says I want to make a huge scene that the players will traverse on foot or in vehicles(the idea is to also have multiplayer) that requires multiple heightmaps(or edited inside godot) because certain parts are different it can be a desert, mountains or even cities, I am currently using the Voxel terrain both the plug-in and the compiled binary from Zylann, with the hterrain plug-in I can make lot of squares each with a 4k heightmap image, I assume its ok to do and wont cause problems later because apparently it manages its lod and dissapear and appear without causing trouble so I think I can use lot of them(or maybe is not a good idea?), but I also want to make caves if they can be stored or make them in blender, I like how voxel tools work its very impresive and have an excellent performance, It uses a heightmap but it keeps repeating over and over and that is a problem because I can make a huge desert with it but at some point I want to also have mountains, is it posible to use voxel tools in a way that you can change the heightmap for the next chunk of the map or it only can use one image?

some details
the map is not going to be destructible, some suff may be destructible but its not a minecraft clone just super big scene

I appreciate any suggestion and advice you can give me

It uses a heightmap but it keeps repeating over and over and that is a problem

That will only happen if you use a fixed image as generator for the terrain base. So either you need a much bigger image, or you need to use procedural generation, eventually writing your own generator or stream to provide the data. At least, that’s how the voxel module works, if that’s really voxels you want. If you only need a heighmap, you could settle on far simpler stuff (although my heightmap plugin doesnt handle streaming or super-large worlds atm).

Zylann | 2020-06-03 16:22

thanks for you support

yes the world dont really need voxels, all caves can be made in blender and make them appear when player get nearby

what you think about using several Hterrain(513x513 each) aligned as a grid?

the fan game is basically an experiment what I want to do is a kind of real life size tatooine map, basically this map
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I am thinking in something like as a much as 999x999 hterrain objects each one with a terrain data directoy maybe the map doesnt require as much tiles, it is a lot of work manually but my idea is to make the desert tiles procedurally then the mountain tiles procedurally with a little custom made tiles for caves and special sites in between, then the cities tiles be almost flat and manually place buildings and also manually blend the tiles that connect each region and a script that can spawn enemies based on the tile and some events that may be happening there so maybe there is a group searching for you and the script simulates this behavior searching tiles in a pattern and spawn enemies if you happen to be in the tile they are searching, I dont have much experience with big worlds and I am relatively new to godot so dont want to start making all that works if my approach is flawed or there is a much easier method and special considerations that can be used so want to know your opinion

I want to also thank you for your work with the plugins and the godot fork(was a long compile LOL )

polybius | 2020-06-03 20:31

My terrain plugin won’t provide support for such a huge world at the moment. I have ideas on how to do this but it goes to affect up to the editor experience itself (try to edit something, fly 500 Km away and hit Ctrl+Z), and I don’t have enough time to work on that yet. Though you can use similar ideas for rendering, you will mostly need streaming and region stitching.

Zylann | 2020-06-03 20:41

ok, will try some different things, another idea may be to exploit the sectioned map to make different scenes, thank you for your support

polybius | 2020-06-03 20:55