I cannot move a Sprite2D in the editor

Godot Version



I’m guessing I accidentally hit some hotkey that enabled some feature that I’m unaware of, but I could use some help figuring out what that may be. :smiley:

Basically, when I try moving a Sprite2D, I can drag it towards a new location, but the second I stop moving the mouse, or release the mouse button, it reverts back to its original position and the ‘Moving’ label in the bottom left corner says ‘Moving (0, 0) px’. I have this problem even if I try and move the sprite using the Inspector.

Has anybody seen this before, or have any guesses?

I’d upload a video, but apparently ‘new users can not upload attachments’, which is understandable.

I looks to be somewhat related to AnimationTree. If I set Processing Mode to Disabled, I can move them again. If I re-enable the AnimationTree, the problem comes back.

To do this while the Animation Tree is active, create a key for your sprite’s position. Then enter the animation management section and click on its key and enter the desired numbers from there; This will work if you haven’t changed anything else. If it is not displayed, play the animation once; If it still doesn’t work let me know here and I will follow it up.

Thanks. Yeah, I noticed that I could update the value in the key. I think I ended up having to work with the tree disabled, and then keying the new positions in the RESET track.