I can't see any help when hovering over code or when in functions, can i change this?

Godot Version 4.1.1 monostable


This is what i see in tutorials and what i’m used to from visual studio where you get hints or what is expected.

However for me none of that shows up and its quite tough.
Is there a way to enable it?

sorry if this the wrong place to post this, i’m literally a just hatched chick in godot.
(also the tutorial was in 3. something unlike i who is in 4.1.1)

If you want to convert that Godot 3 code line to Godot 4, you can do this:

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well is more about me not being able to see the tips in the white part of the screenshot!


that was very helpful now it works thanks!

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I don’t think the Godot editor ever showed callhints on hover - neither in Godot 3 nor 4. It’s an open issue, but there are pull requests for it already, so it seems “near”:

That being said, Godot does show callhints while typing in the arguments! It’s a bit finicky though and often ends up not showing for a variety of reasons.

Also: Hold the Ctrl key and click on a functions name to open its documentation.

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i wonder how the man in the video did it then, is it some addon?
ooh and they are called “callhints”? good to know!

Ooh thanks that will be helpful!

i’m glad it seems “near”! my knowledge on visual studio with C# would be way less good without call hints