I have another doubt about multiplayer mode please reply

I am going to create multiplayer board game with 4 - 5 multiplayer in simple 3d map, the map is extremely simple, my question is that it can handle large traffic, I mean in a multiplayer mode 4 players in a map, at the same time another 4 players also have same map but in different room, my question is that, it can handle large traffic in server ? I mean 100k players in different rooms but 4 player in a 1 simple map room . Please reply, currently learning godot 2d .
Thanks in advance

4095 players at most can join a server made with Godot’s high level multiplayer API so yeah five is fine

And if you plan on making a board game which is likely to only have to send information to the server (or other peers depending on how you want the network to be) in an event-based fashion (once in a while rather than once per physics tick) 5 players is very few to handle

You’ll be fine


Also I believe bottlenecks would rather be the way you design your game and the hosting computer’s power rather than godot

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bro, the game is very simple 2d or simple 3d like a board game based on dice, a multiplayer just click dice button to roll, thats all, but I saw that multiplayer hosting servers platform like photon and many other , charging approx 100 dollar for 100ccu, if I need to manage 10k multiplayers into 5 players each in separate room , they literally charge thousands of dollars per month,
Is there any alternative solution for that in low budget, I mean to manage 10k multiplayers but the players just click the dices not complicated actions like shooting ,action … for this paying thousands of dollars to multiplayer service provider seems not fair , or I need to launch as offline with LAN wifi , then after the launch think about multiplayer. please reply bro, thanks in advance

Yeah you still can code your server on something else than Godot and connect to it from Godot without issues but by the time you’ll have thousands of players on your game I think it’ll be fine for prototyping yk