I'm a beginner and would like to understand how to proceed. That is, forward with the advice!

Godot Version



I would like to understand how to do the combat part.
My idea is to play a top down game. the complicated part for me is the combat. I want to make sure that when the player comes into contact with the monster the combat starts on a different scene. the scene is aesthetically similar to older games like EarthBound and Dragon Quest. The last thing before the combat the player can attack and if he hits the monster he will go first, the same thing works vice versa. Thanks a lot.

Sounds like you’ll need a collision signal which loads a new scene - maybe combat.tscn. You’ll probably need to save the players current position in the world as well.

I’ve been using two collisions for my games - chase and attack/bite.

I’m hoping that helps. Please feel free to ask more detailed questions. :smile: