Image errors at startup

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By TobiLa

every 20th or so time I start my game, I randomly get two errors I don’t understand:

E 0:00:05.304 create: Expected Image data size of 396x1x4 (without mipmaps) = 1584 bytes, got 8192 bytes instead.
<C++ Error> Method failed.
<C++ Source> core/image.cpp:1784 @ create()


E 0:00:05.304 texture_set_data: Condition “texture->format != p_image->get_format()” is true.
<C++ Source> drivers/gles2/rasterizer_storage_gles2.cpp:626 @ texture_set_data()

Can you give me any hints on how to debug this? There is no according code line mentioned here that I wrote. I also not creating any Image objects in my code, so I guess that has to be something thats loaded or preloaded inside scenes.

Any tip or hint is appreciated, I simply don’t know what to to with this.

Much regards,