Imported 3d character screwed, the right way to import.

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By z80


The problem is among DAE, ESCN and GLTF formats for some reason only the latter one works with no obvious problems. (With DAE skinned mesh imports deformed. With ESCN it reports an error “StructRNA of type ExportGodot has been removed” and terminates.) Is it what I should expect? Please see below.

I have godot-3.2.3-stable. I use Blender 2.79. I’ve created a simple human-like character with default Blender human simple skeleton.

If I export it using “improved DAE” plugin, I get screwed hands in Godot. Skeleton looks normal. But the mesh itself looks as if left and right hand weights were swapped. I wish I could attach an image. But I don’t see any controls allowing me to do that.

I was not successful exporting using ESCN export. It always reports an error “StructRNA of type ExportGodot has been removed”.

I re-created the character from scratch in order to isolate the problem. The import result looks the same. All body parts are ok but arms.

Would one please recommend me the right way of importing into Godot preserving the animation. Are there any other formats I can use in order to import a mesh together with skeletal animation correctly?

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Dumuz

Hi z80,

I would check the naming conventions of the hands, then the export settings in regards to the naming conventions. Personally, I’ve been using .glb exports for my mesh/animations. I would give that format a try and see if you have any luck.