In app updates in Godot and C#

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Hi folks. I have some question.

I have a c# game that exports to android. So I wanted to create some kind of launcher that would update my game. It should update all the resources (PCK file) and the main library (compiled c#).

I was thinking in some launcher that would

  • run an activity to update the game by grabbing a PKG and the last project dll
  • After it is updated and all the code is replaced, which I’m not sure if that’s possible, then run the Godot game

So the idea would be like combining two apps in one app.

Would this be possible at all? I tried to update the game directly from the Godot game, but that is not actually possible as you can replace resources, but not c# code

This is a question more related with updates through gaming. It is kind of trivial to create a launcher in desktop. It is not that easy in mobile phones.

Most of my troubles come because “.pck” files do not contain code in C#.
I think this is a logical limitation for choosing c# instead of GDscript that I would’ve loved to know before chosing.

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