InputEventScreenTouch not being picked up by _unhandled_input

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By IggyJ

I’m developing a mobile game in Godot 3.2, and here is the issue:

Tapping anywhere on the screen causes the player to move, but I don’t want the player to move when tapping the pause button (or when tapping on the resume button inside of the menu). What I have done to try and fix this, is using _gui_input on all of my UI elements to intercept an InputEventScreenTouch and set input as handled, so that it does not continue to propagate.

From my understanding, _gui_input only listens to input events which are in its area.

However, when I try to listen for InputEventScreenTouch under _unhandled_input to get my player to move, nothing happens. I’ve tried putting print functions on all of my UI elements to make sure the InputEventScreenTouch isn’t getting intercepted, and nothing gets printed out.

Any suggestions?

did you ever get that issue fixed?

zen3001 | 2021-02-04 18:12