Instantiated Fog Volume is the wrong color? And Instantiated 3d Particles continually spawning?

So I’m instantiating a scene where I have a volumetric fog set up, I’m planning on using the fog as an attack from the enemy, so it has a very nice purple color to it. However, when it gets loaded in the scene, there is a big hitch in the frames, and then it’s a big grey cloud instead.

Secondly, when I use the same way to instantiate in my lightning bolts, it keeps spawning them repeatedly, l end up with way more than I’m supposed to have. Any ideas on that? I wanted to try turning on one shot but it deactivates them on start?

Okay I figured out the color, I just had to make the material that had the color a local file and it fixed it.

Except when it queue’s free it has a moment when it goes to grey still, is there something I can do about that?

Still working on the lightning too.