Inverse Progress Bar In Godot? [Need Help]

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Hi, I am creating a tps game where guns are available in the shop, the stats section shows it properties like power, fire rates, etc… but I have a problem in my progress bar of fire rate, like 0.05 is the fastest and 0.5 is slow, the bar showing that 0.05 is the lowest because of min value 0.05 and max value 1 that I not want, so how can I do that min value 1 and max 0.05

That is how the ProgressBar works in Godot.
You would need to add a label which shows the fire rate and then calculate the progressbar value.

If you use 1 / fire_rate you will have it go between min 1 (1 / 1) and max 20 (1 / 0.05)

So, the ProgressBar shows 1 / fire_rate while the Label shows fire_rate.

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Thank You @TimothyAlexisVass for helping me :heart:

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