Is Godot powerful enough for 2d and 3d game creation ???

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Abhishek

I want to develop game from an open source game-engine.My domains will be 2d and 3d (due to which i am skipping cocos2dx ).Although it seems that godot is the best open-source game engine,but i have few doubts:-
:-will it work fine with blender
:-doesn’t the size of engine is too less (the size of cocos2dx is around 450 mb and it is only a framework , not an engine) (also its less size gives a very bad feeling about it)
:-will godot always remain an open souce game engine (or it may turn into paid engine in the future)
:-My prime programming language is C++.i have heard that gdscript will be best for the engine.----->>will i be able to do everything through gdscript which i can do through C++(like designing classes,pointers,proper oop concepts)
(Actually C++ is quite inclined towards hardware side)
:-I have heard that game developers have to face a hard time uploading games designed in godot to android store (the apps get rejected or something like that). Also it is very tough to implement ads in the games in godot

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: SIsilicon

Of course Godot is powerful enough for 2d and 3d games. Why else would so many people use it (other than being free :wink: )?
The following bullet points answer your other bullet points in their respective order.

:- Yes it would. Godot supports importing .obj, .dae, etc… And blender can export to that. Although you may want to get this better collada exporter in case you export to dae.
:- . . . Just because it seems lightweight, doesn’t mean it’s not ram-packed with features.
:- Open Source forever! :smiley:
:- gdscript is tightly integrated with Godot. It’s the one you should use most, if not all the time. Godot also has support for visual scripting, c#(mono version only), and other languages via nativescripts(c++ especially).
:- Read this. Also, ads would kind of make Godot open source no more. So modules will be needed.


Adding to the answer before: The size is really a little cheated, since you need to download the export templates in order to export your game for clients, which add around 350 MB to the engine (speaking of it as development environment) size, but obviously that only matters for development. It is indeed stunning just how much can be crammed into 30MB.

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