Is InspectorDock::_copy_resource() accessible in gdscript?

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Creating a custom plugin:
I’m trying to replicate when you right click → copy on a property in the editor for the UI for my plugin. DisplayServer has clipboard_set but it only accepts strings. Ideally I would be able to add a resource to the internal resource clipboard as seen in the source code here (godot/editor/inspector_dock.cpp line: 284)
void InspectorDock::_copy_resource() { Ref<Resource> current_res = _get_current_resource(); ERR_FAIL_COND(current_res.is_null()); EditorSettings::get_singleton()->set_resource_clipboard(current_res); };
I’m hoping access to this function is hidden in another Editor class, but my searches have failed me. Is this currently possible? Thank you

As of 4.2.1 it seems that this is currently not accessible in gdscript per Issue #8745.

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