Is it Godots resource loader bug ? It can't preload nor load from valid path

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Inces

I have already created dozen objects under one general directory “res://Enemies/” and was loading them dynymically from string. Suddenly when I added another enemy to this directory, Godot refuses to load its path. Caps and underscores are all fine. When I try to preload instead, Godot autofills whole path as it would be correct, but after entering it Compiler throws error “Can’t preload resource at path xxx”. It only happens with this last enemy, other 12 under the same directory load and preload normally. I tried changing name, it doesn’t help. Please give me a hint what is going on.

Edit : after resetting the editor I can no longer reach scene I created - parsing error. I must jhave corrupted it somehow, how do I fix this ? Dependencies seem fine

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: arthurZ

Do you have an old version of this file in a backup? Try to copy and paste only this file an see if the error continue.

The same happened. I created it anew with new name, recreated all modifcations, saved, and it got corrupted again. And I finally realized, what modification was causing this : I made one of exported dictionaries float value into INFINITY. Is it a known programming malpractice ? I kinda only program for 2 years, only in Godot :P. Anyways, setting value to rational number stopped automatic corruption :slight_smile:

Inces | 2022-02-09 19:21