Is it possible to crash game using gdscript

Godot Version



Hey guys, is it possible somehow crash game when you try to execute function while object is null?
It is working in editor, but when I export game and run it, it won’t crash.
How you guys handle that when something is happening (somehow an object is null, but constantly trying to execute function) while someone plays your game ? It can look very weird and you cant know it is working good or not?

You can absolutely cause it to crash, some cases though only check for this in debug builds, and that means it can some times work but not work safely in release builds

What not work safely in release build?

Calling a method on a null object, but it’s unclear what you are talking about please provide more details

In all softwares when you call function on null object, program will crash, but in godot, game wont crash :confused:

That’s not true, it’s not “all softwares”, and it will crash on non-debug builds, in debug builds though there’s an error

Try it haha both standard version and mono version as well