Is there a limit to gridmap.get_used_cells()?

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So I’ve been trying to make a Ragnarok clone of sorts and currently working on movement, which I have mostly figured out. But the issue I’ve found is that the function get_used_cells() seems to have a limit on how many points it gathers at a time.

To be more specific, the current problem I’m tackling is handling movement when the target cell is already occupied, so my first idea was to implement a nested dictionary using the gridmap.get_used_cells() as its main key and hold some useful values such as flagging a cell as traversable, storing its AStar path id, etc. I would also enjoy suggestions on how to implement such a system, but I would like to understand primarily why it seems that the function in question does not return all used cells.

For reference: I used this video as a starting point and already worked A LOT on it, making all the necessary changes to implement it in Godot 4.x, implementing constant movement (if mouse click is held down, character keeps moving) etc.