Is there a node box in Visual Script to get the values in an Array ? :)

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By jasperbrooks79

I have been looking at using ’ Return ’ box, to get a new function, to send a value back, for further calculations, I can send 3 numbers, in a vector3, and deconstruct that, but return boxes only send 1 variable back . . . Is it possible to make an ’ Array ', that can have a bool, an integer, several floats, and so on, back as the ’ Return ’ value, of a new function, and then ’ deconstruct ’ that, in visual script, to ’ extract ’ the values, and use them, in the original function line, likes _process . . .

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One could just send an integer back, inside a vector3, and make an IF statement, for instance, IF [ x, 4, 5 ], x = 0, then set boolean in main function to false, IF x = 1, set boolean to TRUE, to send both numbers, and booleans back, in a return, from a new function . . . But, it would be nice to send an array back, with all the calculations of the extra function, and just deconstruct it, like a Vector3 deconstruct node <3

jasperbrooks79 | 2020-05-03 03:44