Is there a way to adjust the focus speed?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By haha-lolcat1


Let’s say I have several buttons in a menu.
The last button’s “bottom neighbor” is the first button on the list.
The first button’s “top neighbor” is the last button on the list.
Then holding down ui_down or ui_up would result in infinite scrolling at an insane speed.
How would I go about adjusting the speed?

Maybe have the program check for how long ui_up or ui_down is being pressed? If the inputs are pressed for a certain amount of time, then the next button in line can gain focus.

Ertain | 2022-01-13 07:51

I think I managed to check how long the input is being pressed for.
However, I’m not sure how to actually modify any ui input behavior such as ui_up and ui_down because the focus control is already pre-set by Godot.
Do you happen to know where to look?

haha-lolcat1 | 2022-01-13 15:23

Here’s an article in the documentation which shows you how to assign the input navigation focus for buttons and other Control nodes.

Ertain | 2022-01-13 19:01

it explains nothing about what I’m trying to achieve :confused:

haha-lolcat1 | 2022-01-15 18:38