Is there a way to make all players see other player's screens?

Hello, I’m trying to make a Tetris clone and I’m trying to make it into a multiplayer battle royale. I thought to start off I could make all the other player screens visible on the same screen to all the players. How can I do this?

Here is a video on a game called Tetris 99 that does exactly what I’m trying to do:

Yes you can. But this topic can take a whole tome. At first I would suggest you read up on Godot’s networking API. Everything starts with that concept.

It is certainly possible, but not easy. You have to syncronize the game board across all players, then render the data from ecah board locally, but that can be a lot of data going through a network, that’s why Tetris 99 doesn’t really show everyone’s board at once at the beginning (when there’s many, the update rate is lower, too).
As long as you figure out how to minimize the amount of data you send, you can make it work.