Is there any function to get the right/left/up/down side of rectangle?

Godot 4.2.2

As the title says, im trying to get the coordinates of the different sides of a rectangle. I figured it could do something with the transform property (as in transform.x.x being the right side, transform.y.y being the down side and so on) but I’m not sure if that’s the optimal way to do it.

What do you mean by “rectangle”? What node(s) are we talking about here? As long as you know the size and origin of a node, the sides can be easily calculated, but I don’t know of any built-in functions that do that for you, no.

we are taking abt a collisionshape2d with the shape of a rectangle. What would be the best way to calculate the sides? because of the transform property I already have the utmost right and down sides of the node but I’m not sure how to get the rest